PerVal® Herringbone Blankets

Choose from a thermal or spread blanket that’s been engineered to last, use after use

  • Densely woven herringbone pattern provides excellent thermal retention
  • More durable and cost-effective than traditional “cellular” blankets
  • Lighter weight saves costs and reduces energy consumption
  • Unnapped construction lasts longer and generates less lint
  • Piece bleached for superior loft and comfort
  • Choose from 100% Cotton or 50% Cotton/50% Polyester

Everything You
Need To Know

PerVal® Herringbone Blankets are engineered to provide greater warmth while remaining comfortable, lightweight and durable. Piece bleached means this blanket is unexpectedly comfortable, with superior loft and a soft comfort patients will appreciate. Inherently lightweight, the PerVal® blanket also saves on processing costs and helps reduce energy consumption.

In addition to comfort and cost-saving features, PerVal®’s durability is second to none. A densely woven herringbone pattern provides excellent thermal retention while also making this blanket more durable and cost-effective than traditional ‘cellular’ blankets. In addition, the absence of mechanical napping alleviates fiber damage—that means this blanket will last longer and generate less lint, giving you a truer service weight. Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hems top off the features of this impressively durable, long-lasting product.

PerVal® Herringbone is available as a larger, heavier-weight spread blanket or as a smaller, lighter-weight thermal blanket. Choose from a variety of sizes and weights to meet your facility’s specific needs. Available sizes include 66″x90″, 74″x96″, and 74″x108″. Available in Bleached White or Blue.

  • PerVal® Herringbone Blanket
  • Available as a Spread or Thermal Blanket
  • Tightly Woven Herringbone Construction
  • Unnapped
  • Fast-Selvage Sides
  • Double-Needle Hemmed Ends
  • 100% Cotton or 50% Cotton/50% Polyester
  • Various Weights
  • Available Sizes: 66″x90″, 74″x96″, or 74″x108″
  • Available Colors: Bleached White, Blue

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