Serenity Spread Blankets

Deliver serene comfort to patients with this high-performance, long-lasting spread blanket

  • Traditional large-twill block pattern available in a host of on-trend colors
  • Piece finished for superior loft and comfort
  • Balanced woven construction for dimensional stability and durability
  • Fast-selvage sides and double-needle hemmed ends for increased product life
  • 50% Cotton/50% Polyester

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Spread blankets are the workhorse of healthcare bedding. A heavy-weight, tight-weave construction offers improved thermal performance and lasting durability. Uniquely woven patterns and long-lasting color options allow spread blankets to essentially function as a hybrid product—heavier and more decorative than a thermal blanket, yet lighter and faster drying than bulky bedspreads.

The Serenity™ Spread Blanket offers superior loft and soft comfort along with excellent dimensional stability and durability. The traditional, large-twill block pattern visually complements today’s healthcare interiors while a host of on-trend color options let you personalize the look to your facility.

This spread blanket features a 50% Cotton/50% Polyester construction, making it much stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than a 100% Cotton bed blanket. Snagless construction, fast-selvage sides, and double-needle hemmed ends make Serenity™ an excellent choice for demanding healthcare environments.

The Serenity™ Spread Blanket is available in Bleached White, Blue, Champagne, Cream, Olive, Rose, Teal, and Terra Cotta. Colors are vat-dyed before being woven to provide superior colorfastness and resistance to fading. Choose from sizes of 74″x94″, 74″x100″, or 74″x106″.

  • Serenity™ Spread Blanket 
  • Piece Finished for Superior Loft and Comfort    
  • Balanced Woven Construction    
  • Fast Selvage Sides   
  • Double Needle Hemmed Ends   
  • Woven in a Large Twill Block Pattern   
  • 50% Cotton/50% Polyester     
  • Sizes: 74″x94″, 74″x100″, or 74″x106″
  • Available Colors: Bleached White, Blue, Champagne, Cream, Olive, Rose, Teal, Terra Cotta

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