PerVal® Underpads

The face of PerVal® is made of a textured warp-knit synthetic that disperses moisture more effectively than brushed-tricot underpads. PerVal® offers a solid blue face fabric to more readily disguise incidental staining. A polyester/rayon soaker and blue polyknit vinyl barrier complete the conventional two-piece fabrication, which features square corners.

PerVal® is also available in a laminated unipad construction that extends service life, enhances durability, reduces mechanical damage, and folds more easily and efficiently. PerVal® Plus lies flatter for a more comfortable fit beneath the patient.

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A detail shot of PerVal reusable underpads. These hospital bed pads are of patented tri-component construction. Reusable incontinence pads like PerVal® disperse moisture more effectively than brushed-tricot underpads.