Reusable Surgical Products for Government

Our customized reusable surgical products help government hospitals and healthcare facilities improve quality, lower costs, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

SurgiTex® is a comprehensive program to help healthcare facilities realize the maximum benefits of reusable surgical products as a strategic supply chain solution. The goal is for SurgiTex™ to partner with hospitals in their green and cost-savings initiatives.

The SurgiTex™ team is comprised of clinical and operational experts who build programs in the perioperative/surgical arena focused on sustainability while targeting cost reductions and increasing quality and safety outcomes. Our team creates a partnership with the commercial laundry and healthcare leadership to assess, recommend, implement, and support an environment that is more sustainable while reducing overall costs with the implementation of reusable surgical products.

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Two medical professionals wearing ComPel® surgical apparel. These medical gowns are designed to provide healthcare professionals the ultimate performance in breathable, reusable products.

Back of ComPel® MLR surgical gown.

Close-up image of Wrappel surgical wrapper. Wrappel is a reusable surgical wrapper.

A stack of four folded PerVal Surgical Towels.