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December 28, 2020

Revitalize Rooms for the Bright New Year

Hotel room with essentialstyle top of bed items

We will remember 2020 as the year of tenacity and 2021 as the year of hope and resilience. Ultimately, positive changes are on the horizon, so it’s time to prepare for more guests to return to travel.

Ready to hit the refresh button at your hotel? Need some easy, affordable ways to get ready for guests to arrive in 2021? We’re here to help. Here are three easy to implement, affordable ideas to help you prepare.

1. Embed Essential Style™

detail of essential style top cover

The Essential Style™ program offers hoteliers an easy way to refresh top covers, decorative scarves, drapery, and more. No hassle and no minimums.

Color can have a powerful impact on emotions and experience. With names like Sunny Side Up, Hope, and New Day, the Color Marketing Group is optimistic about the future. Their color forecasts for the months ahead are positively glowing.

Our Essential Style™ program can help you create a sense of confidence and comfort for your guests, with a fresh new twist for your beds, drapes, and more. Mix and match from a variety of patterns and color combinations. New, stylish rooms with no hassle.

Keep It Simple Tip:
Changing out your decorative bed scarves or throw pillows is an easy way to refresh rooms with an on-trend color or texture. Click here to learn more about a collection of fabrics that are trending for 2021 based on the S/S Print and Pattern Reports.

2. Create a Crisp New Look with Roller Shades

hotel window with roller shade window treatments

Roller shades are easy to clean and disinfect – without sacrificing style.

Roller shades are a strong trend in the hospitality market because they are equally as beautiful in a modern, minimalist space as they are under drapery panels in a classic, traditional setting. You can choose from modern fabrics, patterns, colors, or custom printed designs to bring a fresh look to guest rooms and public spaces. Today’s contemporary roller shades are also easy to clean and disinfect.

Keep It Simple Tip:
Advanced antimicrobial treatments and designing for cleanliness does not mean sacrificing style. Learn more about roller shades and no touch options to think about window coverings in a new, forward-thinking way.

3. Freshen Up With Linens That Help Lower Costs

Strategic recovery in the hospitality industry means a continued, strong focus on lowering costs while implementing approaches for increasing the guest experience and overall guest comfort levels. Check out these recommendations to lower operational and laundry costs while providing an easy-to-clean guest room:

Wash-activated Texture = No More Top Cover Ironing!

Strike a balance between comfort, beauty, and durability with the Cumulus® Top Cover. At first glance, the top cover is delightfully fluffy and cloud-like. This is the result of a patented weaving process. The texture is wash-activated and saves time because no ironing is needed. Made with Centium Core Technology®, your covers will not only look great at the first impression, but continue to look great longer. A bonus of utilizing this microfilament technology means you’ll get significantly more life out of the product—avoiding subsequent replacement costs.

Experience “The Comfort Experience Zone™”

graphic representation of the comfort experience zone

Take a careful look at processing costs and potential savings opportunities. Gradient™ and Transitions® terry feature the Comfort Experience Zone®—a strategically balanced design with the highest pile concentrated in the center of the towels, engineered to provide an exceptional guest experience at a lower product weight but with increased textile strength and durability. Lower product weight means less resources required for laundering, helping to reduce overall operational costs.

“Engineering products to reduce waste, but yet maintaining the absorbency and tactile feel of the textile, is of critical importance to a hotel,” shared Standard Textile’s Greg Eubanks in a piece for Lodging magazine.

Protect Your Mattresses & Pillows

Protect your hotel’s significant investments. As guests begin to travel again, improvements in health and cleaning now ranks as more important than price in determining where to stay, according to a recent report from the consultancy Oliver Wyman. AllerEase® Professional is a full line of products designed to improve your guest experience and is dedicated to protecting your valuable mattress and pillow investment. Watch this video to see how easy it is to install.

Keep It Simple Tip:
White bedding and bath linens continue to be on-trend in the industry. There is a perception and belief held by many guests that colored fabrics are used to hide staining and other unpleasantries. Now and long after the pandemic, people want to know that their hotel linens have been washed, bleached, cleaned, and sanitized, and white bedding is a visual cue for that assurance.

To discuss room refresh ideas or view a savings calculation, don’t hesitate to contact us.