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Benefits of DermaTherapy®

Controlling the patient’s microclimate is an intervention used for both the prevention of pressure ulcers and the treatment of existing skin damage. Get the facts on how DermaTherapy® by Standard Textile makes a difference.

Here is a summary of questions we often receive from clinicians regarding DermaTherapy® fabrics and the DermaTherapy® solution, including sheeting, underpads, and the patient positioning system.

Why does minimizing shear and friction matter?

DermaTherapy® fabrics are engineered to reduce shear and friction on the patient’s skin by eliminating the protruding short fibers found in cotton bedding, which are abrasive and can irritate the skin. The result is a skin-friendly fabric that reduces friction by 35% versus cotton-blended fabrics and allows the skin to move more easily against the fibers.

Magnification of DermaTherapy fibers versus cotton fibers

See the texture difference of DermaTherapy® therapeutic linen fibers (left) versus cotton fibers (right)


How does DermaTherapy® regulate moisture and heat?

DermaTherapy® regulates moisture and heat through the uniquely engineered fibers using micro channels that wick moisture away 47% faster and dries 67% faster than cotton-blend bedding.
graphs showing the improved drying and wicking of DermaTherapy

How does DermaTherapy® regulate the patient’s microclimate?

DermaTherapy® fibers control moisture and heat to help regulate patient microclimate. Tests conducted at an independent lab indicate that DermaTherapy® underpads stay cooler and release heat better than disposable underpads.

A 1° Celsius reduction in skin temperature results in a 10-15% drop in metabolic demand.

Why does the patient’s microclimate matter?

When cutaneous heat build-up occurs with external loading, tissue loading impedes the delivery of blood and nutrients at a time when the need for both is heightened.
Average microslimate comparison of DermaTherapy versus other linens

What else does DermaTherapy® offer to patients?

DermaTherapy® products incorporate a durable antimicrobial treatment that helps maintain freshness and eliminates odors on the fabric caused by germs and bacteria. The soil-release finish aids in the release of stains. DermaTherapy® reduces particle count by 97% over cotton bedding. DermaTherapy® fabrics do not generate airborne particles such as lint and significantly reduces bioburden on bedding and gowns.

Airborne particle analysis of dermatherapy

This graph showcases the difference in airborne particles generated by generic, cotton-blend hospital linens versus DermaTherapy® linens.

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