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Reduce Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries

Research shows that national efforts to reduce hospital-acquired conditions, such as adverse drug events and injuries from falls, has helped save thousands of lives and significantly reduced healthcare costs. However, hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPIs) remain on the rise, increasing by more than 6% in a recent study. (Source)

Therapeutic and Breathable Patient Positioning System

Pressure injuries cause a great deal of pain and suffering, and they often present a difficult challenges for the patient, the caregiver, and the health system. We are dedicated to working with our healthcare partners to put an end to HAPIs.

DermaTherapy® by Standard Textile is the first and only silk-like therapeutic linen system with FDA 510(k) clearance as a Class 1 medical device to reduce the likelihood of patients developing pressure injuries.


Infographic with statistics about efficacy of DermaTherapy

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Silk-like fabric has been recognized and recommended in the NPIAP’s most recent Clinical Practice Guideline: “Consider using textiles with low friction coefficients for individuals with or at risk of pressure injuries.”


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