Cabana Stripe Pool Towels

An affordable upgrade that will make a splash with your guests

  • Twice the coverage area and up to 3x more absorbent weight than the typical value line pool towel
  • Built to withstand the harshest pool and laundry environments 
  • Choose calming blue or vibrant yellow to accent your poolside oasis 
  • Ring-spun cotton loop yarns provide luxuriously soft comfort   
  • 95% Cotton/5% Polyester

Everything You
Need To Know

Transport your guests to an oasis of comfort with our Cabana Stripe pool towel collection. These towels feature ring-spun loop yarns for a luxuriously soft and unbelievably absorbent poolside experience.

Your Pool Towels Matter

Still using those tiny, tired blue striped pool towels? Your guests deserve better. It’s time to elevate the aquatic experience with our Cabana Stripe pool towels – a game-changer for hotel managers who understand the significance of every guest touchpoint. Cabana Stripe is an affordable upgrade that your guests will notice every time they take a dip. 

Color that Lasts

While most pool towels look amazing right out of the box, we’ve all experienced the unsightly appearance of tired, faded pool towels. Cheap towels with printed stripes and lot-dyed yarn stand no chance of maintaining their appearance or performance.  

At Standard Textile, we offer you confidence in quality products that last. We’re committed to ensuring our pool towels maintain their bright appearance, use after use. That’s why our Cabana Stripe pool towels are rigorously lab-tested to withstand the harsh chemicals encountered at the pool and in the laundry, ensuring a longer lifetime of use. Each yarn in Standard Textile’s colorful pool towels is vat dyed before being woven into the towel so that its vibrancy will not get lost in the wash. 

Impressively Sized

Our generously sized 30″x60″ towels mean guests won’t have to grab an entire stack of tiny towels that could float away in a light breeze. These pool towels have the perfect combination of size, weight, and surprisingly fast drying times. One Cabana Stripe provides more than twice the coverage area and up to three times more absorbent weight than the typical value line pool towel. Plus, your guests will feel pampered poolside in a way they never thought possible.

Your Search is Over

Finding a durable, absorbent striped pool towel that won’t break your budget can be challenging. You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found the best of all worlds with the incredible value of Cabana Stripe pool towels from Standard Textile.        


  • Standard Textile Cabana Stripe Pool Towels 
  • Available in Blue or Yellow
  • Vat-Dyed Yarn 
  • Ring-Spun Cotton Loop Yarns 
  • 95% Cotton/5% Polyester

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