Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag

The patented Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag makes using reusable gowns more convenient. Simply hang the bag over a door or hook and pull out individual gowns from the bottom of the bag. The design ensures that only one isolation/precaution gown is cleanly and conveniently dispensed at a time.

For hospitals, the Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag offers a means to lower the cost per use of isolation gowns while enhancing environmental stewardship. The Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag is fully compatible with our Compel® Precaution Gowns, which provide the ultimate in comfort and protection.

The Isolation Gown Dispenser Bag is just as efficient from a production standpoint. Each bag can be filled with approximately 20 laundered gowns. Gowns don’t have to be folded, so the process is simple and quick—less than 90 seconds per bag in real-world testing. Loaded bags can then be distributed back to the hospital as ready-to-use units.

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A nurse removing a PreCaution Gown from a PreCaution Gown Dispenser bag.