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January 10, 2020

Protect Your Mattress Investment & Ease Your Mind

cover of allerease mattress protector zipped off

AllerEase® Professional mattress protectors are designed specifically to tackle the challenges that hoteliers face every day—spills, allergens, bed bugs, and more. Unlike other mattress protectors, AllerEase® Professional is easy to install and launder, giving you a meaningful way to provide additional comfort and reassurance for your guests.

What makes AllerEase® Professional different from other mattress encasements?

AllerEase® Professional products  are third-party tested and specially designed for hotel use. They have 14 significant features compared to most others that only offer 5 to 8. These features include complete protection benefits like an allergen and bed bug barrier that blocks 99.9% of particles, waterproofness, antimicrobial fabric, and a plush-top fabric for a cushioned comfortable sleep. AllerEase® Professional products are allergist recommended and backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Aren’t mattress encasements hot and noisy?

Many other mattress protectors are hot, noisy, and stiff, but AllerEase® Professional is different. The fabrics used for our mattress and pillow protectors were developed in conjunction with the largest performance apparel companies in the world. Our fabrics not only provide complete allergen protection, they are quiet to sleep on, soft to the touch, and they deliver benefits like temperature balancing technology that moves body heat and moisture away from your body.

Putting on a mattress encasement is a multi-person job, right?

Installing a traditional mattress encasement is usually a multi-person job. However, our AllerEase® Professional Duraflex™ System has a patented design that easily allows installation of the Duraflex™ base and zip-on top to be done by one per person in about 3 minutes—without lifting the mattress.

Why should I be concerned about allergies?

More than half of Americans suffer from allergies to some degree. Most are allergic to pollen, dust mites, or pets. Allergic reactions cause people to wake during the night with itchy eyes, congestion, or sneezing because of allergens that may be in their beds and pillows. By eliminating these allergens from beds in your hotels, guests can sleep more soundly, wake rested, and have a healthier stay.