Elevations Comforter

The real beauty of an Elevations comforter is in its performance. Comforters take a beating in the room and in the laundry. But this comforter can take the heavy usage, with its tough, 100% hypoallergenic blended fabric ticking and soft 100% recycled polyester fill, combined with a unique box stitch quilting pattern that resists clumping. Its surprisingly lighter weight and faster drying time significantly lower your laundry costs, and its sheer durability means a much longer working life. Elevations comforter is engineered with the Comfort Experience Zone—more fill where warmth matters most, and less on the sides, reducing un-needed weight.

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A well-made hotel bed featuring an Elevations comforter.

Image of several white Elevations comforters.

Detail of Elevations comforter showing the color coded EZ ID loop that helps for quick size identification.