Herringbone Blanket

The open-cell weave of traditional thermal blankets allows too much heat to escape, leaving guests cold and requesting additional blankets. The advanced closed-cell structure of our Herringbone Performance Blanket retains more warmth without extra bulk. Guests will experience lightweight, breathable comfort. The attractive herringbone pattern comes in white or bone.

Composed of 50% luxurious cotton and 50% durable polyester, the Herringbone Performance Blanket offers a balanced blend of thermal performance and cost-saving features. Its lightweight fabric dries quickly, reducing laundering costs. The snag resistance and strength of closed-cell construction along with superior stain-release properties extend service life. The result is lower cost-per-use without compromising thermal comfort.

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A stack of herringbone blankets in bleacked and natural

Herringbone Blanket: Bleached or Natural

Herringbone Blanket: Bleached

Herringbone Blanket: Bleached and Natural