Luxury Stripe® Towels

Luxury Stripe® provides the unsurpassed luxury of premium terry products made with long-staple, ring-spun, combed cotton pile yarns. These towels are accented with our stylish, sculpted stripe design and elegantly woven dobby borders.

To use a Luxury Stripe® towel is to know what it’s like to be pampered. We have served the most prestigious hotels in Europe and the Americas for nearly 80 years. The Luxury Stripe® towel is our artistic expression of five-star quality with a distinctive sculptured stripe design and dobby border—plus the lush, seductive hand of ultra-premium, long-staple, ring-spun combed cotton.

Within Luxury Stripe® lies our patented Centium Core Technology®, weaving 100% premium cotton around an exceptionally light, exceptionally strong microfilament core, redistributing the mass of cotton to the loops of the towel. The result is a lighter towel with unprecedented durability.

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A stack of three folded Luxury Stripe bath towels.