Pique Weave Towels

The Jacquard woven tufted pile design gives a distinct personality to the Pique Weave towel’s durable blend of cotton and  polyester. Long-staple, ring-spun 100% combed cotton loops surround the durable blended core, secured with a high-density, dual-layer fast selvage. Accented with parallel dobby borders, the Pique Weave is performance terry with flair.

The sturdy Pique Weave holds its sculptured texture, wash after wash, for enduring performance and long life. A longer service life means lower cost per use and lower replacement costs. Plus, your Pique Weave towels arrive Room Ready For You® and are clean, fresh, and ready to use right out of the box, saving you time, labor, and costs of up-front processing.

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A rolled Pique Weave wash towel rests atop a stack of two folded Pique Weave bath towels.