Elevations Towels

Elevations is an innovative concept in performance terry. Featuring the Comfort Experience Zone—a targeted weight distribution that focuses loft and absorbency in the center of the towel—where performance matters most. Woven Jacquard and dobby designs accent each end of the towel to create a nearly indiscernible variance in loft. The result is a towel that offers measurable laundry savings.

Elevations towels are woven with 100% ring-spun cotton loops for a desirable hand. Proprietary high-density, multilayer selvages or hemmed sides ensure a durable construction. Manufactured with Centium Core Technology® means Elevations towels stand up to industrial laundering for a longer service life. And, Elevations towels arrive Room Ready, usable right out of the box, saving you time, labor, and the costs of up-front processing.

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A stack of two folded Rainfall Elevations bath towels.

A detail shot of Elevations Bath Towel's Rainfall pattern.

Elevations™ Terry: Rainfall pattern